Frequently Asked

Not a comprehensive list, but things that have been asked.

Let's go

Film Photography image of sand dunes with a person in the middle

Nah, no way...

How well do the holders work?

The film holders work amazing. I use them all the time and the crush my workflow. They are fast, they are cheap, and it holds my film flat while I work. What more could I ask for? They are a light weight because of the build so to keep it shifting around I added rubber feet, but it helps to hold it while you scan.

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Film photography photo of pismo preserve sand dunes in a high wind guest

Will i break it?

How durable is the plastic?

The specific plastic I use is PLA which is a plant based (corn) based plastic that can technically biodegrade. It is NOT the strongest plastic out there due to this, but that is a plus to me from an environmental standpoint. From a durability stand point, I print all products a little thicker so you can beat them up a bit. But don't go running it over with a car or anything.

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Westfalia van parked in San Luis Obispo with madona mountain in view

Talking about the earth

Is it Sustainable?

All products listed, unless otherwise stated have the following characteristics for sustainability:

  • PLA plastic from corn
  • Biodegradable (it wont melt on you)
  • Made from solar
  • Hand (and 3d printer) made
  • Waste recycled
  • Shipping minimized

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I can't wait

How fast can I get one?

Great question. I sometimes have a huge stack ready to slap your color knob on and ship, sometimes I need to print some new ones. Please allow a few days of processing and manufacturing. It's just me over here :D

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I Want more!

When are the next products coming out?

I juggle a few different jobs, 2 kids, and am doing some schooling as well. It is hard to put out new YouTube videos and hard to make new products THOUGH I have many ideas. The relaunch of this site is motivating me. So subscribe to the email list.

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